Total solar eclipse 2024 reboots art newsletter

8 April, 2024 -- 

Today’s solar eclipse is a perfect day to resume writing my newsletter. It’s good to say hello to you again! 

An artist’s life is never, ever boring; there’s always something going on whether good, exciting, inspiring, boring, challenging, vexing or transforming. 

After the last newsletter (July 4, 2023) I found myself in the midst of an unintended hiatus. In a manner of speaking, I was hibernating, retreating, regrouping. Back then I had taken on extra work and found I needed to get a grip on how this would affect my life, especially teaching and studio life. I could only do that by living it, and it is its own challenge.  

So to catch up, here’s a quick summary of events and benchmarks. I’ll flesh things out as I continue writing over the coming months or year(s). 

This past year Soft Water Gallery in St. Petersburg, FL is now representing me and my artwork; very exciting! Some may already know this. It’s a total delight to be part of this gallery. You can go to the website to view 10 of my artworks they have available, and you can visit them in St. Pete. 

Lisa at the gallery has said some very nice things about my painting. Scroll down to read one of her comments.

I’m in the beginning stages of starting a new group of paintings, and will keep you posted.

About 6 months ago I had a home move, disruptive and stressful, and am now settled in!

The most exciting news came at the end of 2023 in the form of an art commission, a painting, for a new restaurant here in Sarasota. From December 23 through first week of March I worked on a 30” x 40” still life painting for the tasting room of Arts and Central Restaurant. This was a challenging, exciting and inspiring venture for me. In the best sense it changed me; it has circled me back to the fiery creative source of my painting and drawing. 

You can see the painting now, installed in the tasting room of Arts and Central restaurant. 

Below are a few pictures and details from the painting.

This coming week I’m taking a short road trip to Columbus GA, to see a 40-painting exhibition of works by the master artist I studied with for a year and more, starting with still life. More about this trip sometime soon. 

In the meantime, below are details and pictures of the painting commission I recently completed. 

Take care and be creative!  Lucy 

P.S. I'm starting the process of locating a new studio; this will be good for painting of course, and teaching in the studio too (current studio buildings are on the market).


quote below: Lisa Lippincott, Soft Water Gallery

"Lucy's lush, painterly oils are utterly deceptive in their simplicity. Her sophisticated use of color, and her masterful economy of detail elevates her subjects beyond the mundane. This transformative editing smooths the vulgar excesses of reality, distilling it down into its very essence; capturing the very thing-ness of the thing itself. It is exalted in its quiet dignity, and captivating in its effect. Lucy Barber captures lightning in a bottle over and over again. It is painting of the highest order."

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