Upcoming show and opening reception


Yesterday I shipped off three paintings for another upcoming show. Out of Scale is the name of the show I'll be in mid-June through mid-July at a NYC gallery called THERE. Details will be posted next week. 

June 10th -- In the meantime, a reminder to all locals you're invited to an opening reception for:

Distance and Arrival: Petticoat Painters, at Willis Smith Gallery, Ringling College, 2363 Old Bradenton Rd., Sarasota, FL. 

Opening Reception -- Friday June 10, 5-7pm

Willis Smith Gallery, Ringling College

Directions and Details click here.

P.S. Out of Scale refers to the sizes, or the scale, with which an artist chooses to paint. Small paintings, large paintings, etc. 

The painting above, Strawberry and Green Vase, is not in the next show but it is a small one, coming in at 4" x 4".




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