Jumpstart Painting Essentials

an online course with Lucy Barber


Designed to inspire your painting

...where you are empowered

to become a confident painter.

For beginning and experienced painters

to be inspired by color, paint, light

with the excitement of what is possible...

Who is this course for?

  • Are you an aspiring artist and need to know where to start?
  • Do you have a vision to learn everything, to paint with ease, without the fear?
  • Are experienced but need a refresher? 
  • Or a true beginner who wants to know how to start?
  • Do you want to discover and grow your creativity? 
  • Are you dying to learn it all, to inspire your confidence? 
  • Do you desire to find your voice, your unique creativity and need guidance? 
  • ...and to have stronger skills and abilities? 
  • If you say "yes"  to any of these questions, then here are some ways this course can help you...

Ways this course will help you... 

23 instructional videos, easily relatable, clear and detailed.

Sets a foundation for strong compositional structure.

Provides detailed information about supplies, tools and what you need for each project.

Demonstrations for how to handle and use palette knife and brushes.

Inspires you to get started painting!

Participate in a community of other painters for support and feedback.

Detailed demonstrations about color and mixing paint.

Art slide shows that clarify lessons and concepts. 

Let's start painting...


"Lucy Barber has a talent that not every skilled artist can claim — she is a born teacher, with the ability not only to communicate complex aesthetic concepts, but to inspire others to reach deep and find their own personal artistic expressions." 

Tim -- painting workshop 

You will learn the process of creating a painting from start to finish.


We start by learning and painting with monochromatic values

as we set the stage for understanding color and color value.

We’ll continue and finish with painting using a full color palette. 


Make beautiful paintings with ease. 

I invite you to take the plunge...


What are the benefits? 


  • You get a set of easy-to-remember skills and tools to use when starting or finishing a painting. 

  • You'll discover more about your creativity.

  • Uncover processes designed to inspire confidence.

  • Critique sessions with feedback for student work, via recorded videos; students learn from each others work.  

  • Private Facebook Group.

  • 3 ½ months access for registered students. 

  • Lucy generously shares valuable painting tips and secrets!

  • Watch 23 instructional video classes as often as you need...


Course Syllabus Outline

23 instructional video classes, clear and detailed.   

Before You Start Painting

3 videos

  • Supplies and tools
  • Setting up your workspace
  • Your painting supports 

Units 1 - 3 

7 Videos

  • Monochromatic values using two colors
  • How to plan your painting
  • Blocking for composition
  • Two painting projects; making your first painting 

Units 4 - 5

5 videos

  • Monochromatic painting with three colors
  • What is a saturated color’s value
  • Mixing your monochromatic colors
  • Two painting projects
  • Making your second painting  


Units 6 - 7 

8 videos

  • Setting up your full color palette
  • Edges, light and shadow shapes
  • Supplies and tools for painting in full color
  • Detailed lessons about color and mixing colors
  • High-quality demo videos painting in full color
  • Making your third painting, in full color

More of what's included...

Each unit is comprised of multiple, short, instructional high-quality videos that are clear, easy to watch and understand.  
23 total instructional videos. 
Printable resources: photographic reference, PDF handouts that you can download and print, to be used as reference while you go through the lessons. 
Lucy will provide regular feedback for student projects and questions; provided via recorded videos with detailed feedback. Students learn from each others work.
A private Facebook group for posting work
and to build community. 



Don't miss this great opportunity

to create a strong foundation for your painting...


What students are saying...

"Lucy is a wonderful teacher who approaches the student artist with quiet intuition and profound skill. She meets you at your level and guides you with expertise and deep knowledge of her art, inspiring you to explore your own talents. She is a wonderful teacher who shows you how to see, discern and experience art in all its forms. I cannot recommend her enough!"  

Trine, painting and drawing


"Lucy is an incredibly talented artist and is equally talented as a teacher. Her classes go deep and no matter where you are in the learning process she gives new meaning and insights to the process. I especially value her simplicity in how to creatively approach and explore a subject as a way to finding its beauty."

Elizabeth, painting

"Lucy teaches all you need to know about oil painting with step-by-step lessons In her course, Jumpstart Painting Essentials. As a beginner, I appreciate the thorough and clear lessons; Lucy is a talented, experienced, patient, and kind teacher. What I’ve learned in the painting course is giving me the knowledge and confidence to pursue my dream of becoming an artist."

Barbara, painting and drawing


FAQ's  -  Frequently Asked Questions

"Lucy makes painting a joy, guiding students from novices to long-time painters with talent, commitment, and love of art".    


We'd love for you to join our class...

Jumpstart Painting Essentials!


Elevate your painting to the next level!


  • Learn tips and skills to mix your best colors.
  • 23 short , clear videos; resources and handouts.
  • How to plan for successful compositions. 
  • Tips and skills to handle paint with ease, and expression.
  • Gain confidence to share your creativity. 
  • Regular feedback for your paintings from this course.
  • Private Facebook group --  you can post work from the course and comment on each others work.