Plein-air Landscape Painting

in-person painting workshop in Sarasota with Lucy Barber 


For beginning and experienced painters alike...

to be inspired by color, paint and light in the landscape... 


Learn "Essentials-plus" to establish successful plein-air landscape painting.


DATES & TIME: February 16, 17, 18, 2023 (Thursday - Saturday).     9:30am - 1:30pm  

This workshop takes place over three consecutive days: February 16, 17, 18, 2023. Each day is 4 hours, 9:30am-1:30pm; total of 12 hours workshop time. Class limit, 15 students


What is Essentials-plus ?

"Essentials-plus" establishes successful plein-air landscape painting concepts and includes: 

  • establishing a strong composition
  • how to use “spatial zones” near to far in landscape for depth
  • using shape and value contrast to emphasize those spatial zones
  • how to use color to create vibrant painting
  • understand sensitive qualities of light and atmosphere and how to paint these qualities.
  • varied approaches to paint application, for vibrant and expressive painting
  • feedback from Lucy that specifically targets your needs, whatever your level.  

This is a great opportunity to work in-person with Lucy. 

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Who is this workshop for? 

• Are you aspiring to successfully paint the landscape?

• Are you a beginner who needs to know more? 

•Do you have a vision to learn everything about it, to paint with ease, without the fear?

• Are experienced but need a boost? 

• Do you want to discover more about color and grow your creativity? 

• Do you want to inspire your confidence? 

• Do you desire to find your voice, your unique creativity and need guidance? 

• And to have stronger skills and abilities? 

If you say "yes" to any of these questions, then here are some ways this course can help you...

 How this workshop will help you... 

  • Demonstrations to set up your painting for success with composition value and color.
  • Inspires you to get started painting!
  • Provides detailed information about supplies, tools and what you need for each project.
  • Participate with a community of other painters for support and feedback.
  • Detailed demonstrations about color and mixing paint.
  • You will learn the process of creating a painting from start to finish.
  • and start with establishing the big compositional elements
  • as we set the stage for  applying correct colors and values.

Make beautiful paintings with ease... 

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Plein-air Painting with Lucy! 

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What students are saying...


"Lucy is an incredibly talented artist and is equally talented as a teacher. Her classes go deep and no matter where you are in the learning process she gives new meaning and insights to the process. I especially value her simplicity in how to creatively approach and explore a subject as a way to finding its beauty."


"Lucy is a wonderful teacher who approaches the student/ fellow artist with gentleness, quiet intuition and profound skill. She meets you at your level and guides you ahead with expertise and deep knowledge of her art, inspiring you to explore your own talents. She is a wonderful teacher who shows you how to see, discern and experience art in all its forms. I cannot recommend her enough!"

What are the benefits?  

Uncover processes that inspire and build confidence.

Discover more about creativity and learn to take risks without fear.

Learn easy-to-remember skills & tools to start and finish a painting. 

Receive individual feedback that is in-depth and specific.


Lucy’s recent landscape painting workshop gave me a strong foundation for my success. The emphasis on value shapes for composition brought so much clarity for defining landscape space. This is invaluable. I had a big aha moment after I applied the lesson about “edges” to my painting; suddenly I saw things come together. Lucy’s passion for helping her students is clearly evident and I experienced that first hand. The  organization of teaching the painting process from start to finish was strengthened by having three consecutive days to solidly grasp the important concepts Lucy provided to us students.  Thank you! 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Lucy Barber has a talent that not every skilled artist can claim — she is a born teacher, with the ability not only to communicate complex aesthetic concepts, but to inspire others to reach deep and find their own personal artistic expressions. Art is a personal language, yet Lucy is able to understand the aspirations of others and transform her own formidable talent into something that every student can readily apprehend and emulate. Brava, Lucy! 


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Plein-air painting with Lucy! 

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"Lucy is a very intuitive, gentle, and thoughtful teacher. In a class with students at different levels, she was flexible enough to meet everyone's needs in an encouraging, and unobtrusive way. She expresses herself very artistically and visually, allowing broad interpretation rather than dogmatic instruction. She was constantly available with valuable help, yet never disruptive to my painting experience. She shares her considerable talent generously. I came away with renewed enthusiasm for painting."


"Lucy teaches all you need to know about oil painting with step-by-step lessons In her course, Jumpstart Painting Essentials. As a beginner, I appreciate the thorough and clear lessons; Lucy is a talented, experienced, patient, and kind teacher. What I’ve learned in the painting course is giving me the knowledge and confidence to pursue my dream of becoming an artist."

More of what students are saying...

Plein-air Painting with Lucy Barber


3 days, 12 hours workshop time

  • Make your color come alive! 
  • Create depth and atmosphere.
  • Uncover processes that inspire!

  • Discover more about your creativity.

  • Empower your confidence
  • Focused & specific feedback from Lucy. 
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