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Happy New Year's Eve

Happy New Year's Eve

 Take a listen above to the 3 ½ minute recording...

Upcoming show invite, January 14th.

Pink Lady Poppies, below, was painted outdoors plein air. You're invited to the opening reception!

Stop by to see this painting and 9 more floral paintings of mine. 

For Lucy's Art Lab Studio, in-person teaching and co-working, go to the link directly below.

 link > In-person Art Studio Lab.

For Lucy's Art Lab Studio, in-person teaching and co-working, go to the link directly below.

Link > In-person Art Lab Studio.

Audio transcript: 

Hello everybody, Lucy here — happy New Year’s Eve. With only a few hours left to 2022 —  I would like to wish you all a happy, healthy, creative, peaceful and kind 2023. 

I’m excited about two new things that are starting up my new year. First, in January and coming up very soon on 14 January, I’m in a group exhibition along with 11  artists, in a new dynamic gallery here in Sarasota called the 10th Street gallery.

The exhibit is titled flora: the impermanence of beauty. The subject is flowers. You are invited! 

I will have 10 of my floral paintings in the exhibit. I am just so excited about this…This is awesome.

The opening reception is on Saturday, January 14 from 4 PM to 8 PM, and the show continues through March 11, 2023. So take a look at the Invitation below for all the details.

The show’s curator brings together Artists and artwork with A dynamic range of approaches to the subject of flowers. The resulting show is a lively conversation between different artworks that bring new meaning to each artwork individually as well as reinforces intentions of the artwork. This brings about an entirely new conversation which is really exciting And brings a freshness to the subject of flowers.

Scroll down past the invitation and you will see two paintings of mine. The first painting, pink lady poppies, will be One of the 10 paintings in the show at the gallery.

Pink lady poppies was painted plein air, an outside painting. The painting below it, daylilies, was also painted plein air in a small field looking at the flowers. 

The daylilies painting will not be in the exhibit but I wanted to show these two together here in the blog because these paintings of flowers easily fall into the category of landscape and plein air painting because Both were painted outdoors.

The subject of landscape painting is broad and varied and can include close-ups of Flora or fauna as well as long broad views of landscape space. The subject can be simplified. Basically, if you’re painting it outdoors, The subject is  landscape. 

I am also looking forward to my in-.person plein air landscape painting workshop in February. I love the in person workshops, the dynamics of interacting with each participant. It’s a lot of fun. Check it out, at the links below. 

In-Person Plein Air Landscape Painting Workshop Details Here



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